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Sanpete confirms intent to pursue Gooseberry project

This remains one of the most challenging news stories I have ever written. My editor told me I received the assignment because the writer who had previously covered the issue had become too involved. I had never covered a water rights issue, so much of the jargon was foreign. On top of that, I was a Carbon County reporter – I knew the players there. Sanpete County was all new territory, so it was a challenge just to find a source. To make matters worse, the previous reporter had written some slanted coverage, so many Sanpete officials were hesitant to speak to me. In the end, I found officials who would speak to me and I’m still impressed on how well I grasped the concept of water rights so quickly and how well I explained the issue.

By Les Bowen for Sun Advocate   |   July 19, 2005   |   Original source

After more than seven decades, officials and residents of Sanpete County indicate that they are fed up with waiting for a proposed dam to be built on Gooseberry Creek.

However, Carbon County officials are joined by state and federal officials in opposing the dam.

Sanpete officials hosted a press conference on July 6 at the proposed site and expressed frustration with roadblocks that have delayed construction. Continue reading Sanpete confirms intent to pursue Gooseberry project